What Is An Air Source Heat Pump?

Good Question! A great place to start. An Air Source Heat Pump is a great way to reduce Heating costs and your homes carbon footprint all at the same time. When designed and installed correctly they can revolutionize the way your home is heated. 

Put simply an Air Source Heat Pump absorbs heat stored in the outside air around us and converts it into heat energy to heat your home .

Although its hard to believe there is heat energy stored in the outside air even when temperatures are as low as -15 degrees. This energy is provided by the sun and when extracted from the air can be used to heat your home. 

A good way of looking at it is these air source heat pumps work in the opposite way a fridge does.

Air Source heat pumps use electricity to run and if designed well can deliver a great energy in energy out conversion rate.

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Once the Heat energy has been extracted into a refrigerant fluid the fluid is then pumped through a compressor which increases the temperature of the fluid. then the heat energy is transferred using a heat exchanger or sometimes something slightly different. The heat exchanger transfers the heat extracted by the Air Source Heat Pump to the Hot Water & Central heating system in your house.

Overall this system is a more energy efficient system that reduces energy bills, helps reduce carbon emissions and frees users from the need of fossil fuels to heat the home and hot water.

What Is The Cost Of An Air Source Heat Pump?

The first thing that comes to alot of peoples minds when they think of this new heating technology is the cost. Obviously the cost has to make sense. We all want to do our bit for the environment and we as much as anyone understand this thats why we set this company up after all, but we undeerstand financial savings are another driving force for getting an air source heat pump.


A lot of people are surprised when they here the price of installation and parts its not as much as some might fear. Especially over the past 10 years when it could cost betwen £10,000 - £20,000 the price of having a system fitted is a lot more reasonable today. 

This partnered with the government grants and initiatives which can see people get up to £10,000 towards the cost of going green it really is a great time to invest in the future of your home and install an air source heat pump.

Advantages of an Air Source Heat Pump

Disadvantages of an Air Source Heat Pump

  • Reduce Energy Costs

  • Off Grid (gas)

  • Better for the Environment

  • Safe to use and operate

  • Renewable Energy

  • Money Saving

  • versatile system

  • No Fuel Deliveries

  • Can Heat your Hot Water

  • Could earn Grant income

  • Initial Installation can cost higher than conventional gas system

  • Can be a bit of upheaval when siting and preparing ground for air source heat pump

  • Not as economical as Ground Source heat Pumps.

Overall we think the advantages outweigh the disadvantages when it comes to deciding on an air source heat pump. if your interested and want to know more or book a free quote then call us now and we will be more than happy to book you in.


NOT FOR YOU? Check out our Ground Source Heat Pumps for an alternative to economical heating 

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