What Is A Ground Source Heat Pump?

A Ground Source heat pump works on similar principles to an Air Source Heat Pump. They both make use of stored solar heat energy but these systems harness the heat energy stored in the ground (hence the name) instead of the air.

A network of pipe is installed under the ground in your garden or property. this Ground loop is used to extract the stored heat in the ground using a mixture of water and refrigerant.

Depending on the size of your house and heating needs the Ground loop will have to be longer or sorter to suit. Although the general installation of these systems can cause a fair amount of upheaval they are a great energy efficient heating and hot water solution.

Once the heat has been extracted into the coolant solution it is then pushed through a compressor which in turn raises the temperature further , this is where it likens to air source heat pumps from here the heat is transferred to your heating and hot water pipe circuit. 

We also always advise to insulate your home as much as possible before installing these systems. to get the best our of them and ensure there energy efficiency your home and living space should be insulated extensively helping trap heat in and reduce pressure on the heating system. We will advise you on some great ways to do this during your quote. Overall when installed and operated correctly Ground Source Heat Pumps can be a great way to reduce emissions and save money on energy costs.

Radiator Temperature Wheel
Air source heat pump installation. Copper piping to main components..jpg

Energy Savings

Ground Source Heat Pumps are a great way to reduce energy costs and eleiminate the need for fossil fuels.

Perfect for Underfloor Heating

Great in well insulated homes with Underfloor Heating to help store the heat produced. Larger radiators are also used to help energy effciency.

Better for the Environment

Reduce your homes carbon footprint and emission's. No more burning fuel. Eligibility for Government grants and payment schemes.

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